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People selling their bodies to make ends meet in bad economy

MSNBC has a story about people selling their bodies for money to make ends meet in the current economy:

Increasingly, industry officials say people are hoping to trade spare body fluids, tissues and other parts for payments that can range from $20 to $50 a pop for blood plasma to $60 to $100 for a shot of sperm, $200 for a shiny ponytail and up to $7,000 for a fertile egg.

At the Seattle Sperm Bank alone, donor applications have tripled from 50 to 150 a month during this financially precarious autumn, staff members said, while officials at egg donation agencies from Chicago to Houston estimate that calls are up at least 30 percent over last year.

Apparently, sperm donors can make $60 a pop ten times per month.  But according to one industry insider, only 9 out of 1000 applicants are finally approved (medical reasons and failing a background check are two possible pitfalls for would-be sperm donors).

If you clicked on this post thinking it was about prostitution, you need not be disappointed.  ABC News reports that Nevada’s brothels, which operate legally, are seeing a big increase in the number of women applying.  (In the video report one brothel owner said she had a 72-year old woman apply!)  While demand for prostitutes has remained steady, incomes are down as the customers have less money to spend.

I hope I’ll be excused for not including any images with this post, but Nevada’s flag is really lame.