Welcome to my blog; it will mainly include my comments on news stories that I find notable. Topics that I especially find interesting include politics, science, and religion.  You can also expect to find occasional mention of odd news items and sports happenings.

I hope that you find it interesting and informative. Please comment on my posts, whether you agree or disagree with the points they raise!

— Jacob

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  1. pacer521 on


    first off great blog and writing, but there’s one problem — the theme. Although this theme is very readable, most people (including me) think that this kind of basic theme means that the blogger doesn’t care or update much, which is not the case with you. So as a word of encouragement, more visits, better comments, and a lot more will come with a good theme. Plus, — it looks much better.

    If you don’t know how to put a theme up — then just go to your admin or “dashboard,” click on Design, then click on all the themes and test all five pages of themes out. Once your ready, click on a theme you like and click on the “activate ____” button and your set.

    pacer521, author of http://culturedecoded.wordpress.com/

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