World’s oldest living person no longer living

The flag of Portugul, Maria de Jesus's home country

The flag of Portugul, Maria de Jesus's home country

The world’s oldest living person, Maria de Jesus dos Santos of Portugul, has passed on. She was born on 10 September 1893, making her 115 years 114 days old at her passing.  The cause of death has not been reported.

She only got to enjoy her title of World’s Oldest Person, bestowed on her by the Guinness Book of World Records, for 37 days; she inherited it from American Edna Parker, who died at the age of 115 years 220 days on 26 November 2008, and passes it to American Gertrude Baines, who is currently 114 years and 272 days old.  Ms. Baines, an African American woman, is reportedly in good health and living in a Los Angeles area nursing home.  However, the last 15 title holders lived only an average of 278 days after inheriting the title.  If Ms. Baines lives that long, she’d die on October 6th of this year.

But Jeanne Calment, who is the oldest verified person ever, who lived to be 122 years and 164 days old (44,724 days), held the title for 2363 days.   While it is seems somewhat odd to wish Ms. Baines a long and prosperous life, (she’s already had one!) this blog certainly wishes her the best and hopes that her remaining days, however many they are, are healthy and fulfilling.

If you are interested in super centenarians, check out Wikipedia’s article on the World’s Oldest People.

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