FBI agents stole $7.8 million from taxpayers

The logo of a very corrupt organization that's run for itself, not for you

The logo of a very corrupt organization that's run for itself, not for you

MSNBC reports that FBI agents posted to Iraq received $7.8 million in overtime and pay that they weren’t entitled to, an average of $45,000 per employee between 2003–2007.  They claimed the pay for, inter alia, doing watching movies, exercising, and attending parties.

One employee defended the fact that he claimed pay for the time he spent doing laundry, “When you’re in that environment, anything you do to survive is work for the FBI.”  It must be nice to work for that agency when you can do immoral things and get away with it.  Just about all the agents posted to Iraq claimed 8 hours of overtime per day, every day, for the three months they were there.  There’a a term for that sort of behavior: stealing.

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  1. jeff on

    The government is 8 trillion in debt, not private citizens, yhis is why!

  2. David on

    What the reports leave out is that this income is probably tax free. Other federal agencies including the FBI routinely station investigators overseas and have no trouble paying them within the pay regs which is still pretty generous. Imagine the hazards being faced by a DEA agent in Cairo or Morocco.

  3. Jim on

    You know…I first piped up as well and said, yet another group ripping us off. Have you looked at the average salaries of FBI agents? Nothing (relatively speaking) compared to what your average banker/broker/wall street hood makes. “Irrelevant comparison” you say. Maybe…but when you consider where they were and what they were doing, claiming 16 hours a day of worktime probably isn’t too unreasonable. $7.8 million…for 3 years of risky work compared to $700 billion of bailout….I’m not that bothered by it.

  4. Robert on

    And how much would you have to paid to be sent to Iraq?

  5. Dwight on

    I was married to an FBI agent for seven years. Has anyone heard of the 10 hour day they get paid for? Two hours of OT everyday. In seven years I never once saw her or ANY other agent put in 10 hours in a day. It’s a scam that they all laugh about. The FBI should be audited like any other agency. Oh, that’s right they are above the law.

  6. stephen on

    it was an effort to entice people to volunteer, should it of gone on for 3 months? no.

    mistakes were made and people have taken responsibility…

    implying that theses agents are thieves is just as wrong, who wouldn’t take advantage of every opportunity their employer gives for higher pay?

    take issue with management all you want, don’t blame the agents for doing their job the way they were told they could.

  7. mack on

    Do they get to go to home to their family at 5pm? No, they are stuck in the middle of a warzone 24/7. I’m with Robert. You couldn’t pay me enough.

  8. Give me a break on

    Give me a break. I ask you guys to go and live in that environment. The managers allowed them to charge on call time to get folks to take that risk.

  9. steve on

    I wonder how much all of our military personal are paid to entice them to go there. They also work for the government. Are they told they have to go or can they say naw I don’t want to? How many of them get to come home to the wife and kiddies at the end of their day. Same conditions, ultimately the same employer. Honesty and Integrety from the FBI what a joke.

  10. Bill A on

    Funny, I didn’t get overtime pay for the nearly TWO YEARS I spent in Iraq with the Army. Sure, we got hazard duty and separation pay, but it certainly didn’t amount anywhere near $45,000. I faced the same hazards they did (most likely more). And trust me, I didn’t want to be there. The extra pay was nice, but I was there because that was my job.

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