Obama up by nine in poll out today

Barack Obama is ahead by nine points, 52-43, over John McCain among likely voters in the latest Washington Post-ABC News poll.  Analysts credit economic worries with boosting Obama, who is trusted by more voters to handle economic affairs.

I suspect the numbers also demonstrate that the good will, intrigue, and buzz created when McCain picked Palin has been used up.  Her favorable rating is down and her unfavorable rating is up in these most recent polls.

The poll is, of course, bad news for McCain; neither Al Gore in 2000 nor John Kerry in 2004 ever cracked the 50% mark in the Washington Post-ABC News poll.  Additionally, only 9% of respondants rate the economy as good or excellent–the lowest number since 1992 when an incumbent president was tossed out of office.  McCain isn’t the incumbent, but he is near to it.  Additionally, only 34% of his supporters are “very enthusiastic,” whereas 62% of Obama’s supporters are.


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