Gilchrest endorses Kratovil for Congress

In Maryland’s GOP-leaning 1st Congressional district, outgoing incumbent Wayne Gilchrest, a Republican, has endorsed the Democrat, Frank Kratovil, in the general election. Gilchrest, first elected in 1990, lost the Republican nomination in a three-way race to State Senator Andy Harris. Gilchrest, for whom I served as an intern for nine months, appears in a new TV ad supporting Kratovil:

Kratovil is the Queen Anne’s County State’s Attorney; Harris represents district 7 in the Maryland Senate and is an anesthesiologist by profession. Learn more about the candidates:

Frank Kratovil: Campaign site, Wikipedia page
Andy Harris: Campaign site, Wikipedia page

Unfortunately, neither candidate has completed Project Vote Smart’s Political Courage Test, which reports candidates positions on various important issues. The race is generally predicted to favor Harris, who has raised about 2.5 times as much as his opponent, though I’ve seen no polling data more recent than February.


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  1. Maria on

    Jacob, Why do you think Gilchrest is supporting him?

  2. Paul on

    I have had the unique opportunity to have lived at one point in all their districts. I am a Democrat, but while I lived on the Eastern Shore I voted for Gilchrest because he always put the first district constituents before his party. I do not believe Gilchrist is liberal, Harris calls everyone he runs against a Liberal and compared to him that may be true. I’m glad to see bipartisan support for the 1st District through both Gilchrest and Kratovil. I lived in Queen Anne’s County during part of Kratovil’s first term as State’s Attorney, and I have always been impressed on how hard he works as Prosecutor for QA County, even winning awards. Harris is someone I’ve been the least impressed with over the past few years and not just because I’m a Democrat. When I lived in the 7th Legislative even the Delegates were Republican. I have a big problem with Harris’s attitude, but aside from that I felt he did very little as Senator while I was there, other then run for office. One example was during the BGE rate hike Harris did nothing to oppose it, but the Republican Delegates in the same district worked hard to oppose the rate hike even keeping the constituency informed of their progress. Unfortunately neither side of the aisle was able to stop the rate hikes. I’m proud to say I will be supporting Frank Kratovil.

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