11 million percent inflation

According to CNN International, in the African nation of Zimbabwe inflation has hit 11.2 million percent; it was “only” 2 million percent back in May. What’s worse, those are the stats released by the government, which has a big interest in minimizing the problem. Kingdom Bank, one of the country’s leading financial institutions estimates inflation at closer to 20 million percent and others estimate it is as much as 50 million percent (50,000,000%). A loaf of bread now costs 1.6 trillion ZWD, though by the time you read this, it will probably have gone up considerably.

Zimbabwe used to be the breadbasket of Africa, exporting large amounts of food. But due to Robert Mugabe’s disastrous “land reform” projects–designed to enrich him and his cadre of crooks–the country is now more of a basket case. Does anyone think that the people of Zimbabwe would have re-elected this guy in a truly fair election? Of course not, that’s why he had to use even more vote rigging, voter intimidation, and outright violence to keep himself in power during the latest election back in March. Robert Mugabe is a very evil man.

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